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Becoming a member of LIV is a great investment for any organization that utilizes volunteers in the Corridor. LIV is a group of diverse organizations working and collaborating together to further the professional development of volunteer coordinators who lead and encourage community volunteers to their fullest potential. As a member, you will have the opportunity to take part in meetings and trainings that relate to our goals, struggles, and professional relationships that are all crucial to what we do on a daily basis. We look forward to having your organization join!

Chris Ackman

Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Inc. (HACAP)


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1977 – Leaders in Volunteerism became a reality with a Board of Directors, Officers, and eight various sub-committees.


1981 – Authorization to operate as a Non-Profit Organization was granted.


1992  - The LIV Scholarship Program was developed.

2015  - The transformation of the LIV Scholarship Program into a LIV Grant Program was started.

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