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"Becoming a member of Leaders in Volunteerism (LIV) is a great investment for any organization that utilizes volunteers to move their mission forward. LIV is a group of diverse organizations and passionate volunteer management professionals who believe in the impact volunteers have on our work, our organizations, and our community. Members come together to learn, grow, and share best practices in order to help our volunteers reach their full potential. As a member, you will have access to professional development opportunities, networking, and support from fellow Volunteer Management professionals to address issues, develop new ideas, and even share a laugh or two. Becoming a part of  LIV was a huge step in advancing my Volunteer Management career, and I would highly encourage anyone, brand new to the area or profession or seasoned veterans, to join. I hope to see you at a meeting soon!"

          -- Brittany Appleton

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Kayla Paulson
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Past President

Leaders In Volunteerism (LIV) brings together volunteer engagement professionals to stimulate and promote volunteerism in our community.  For almost forty years, Leaders In Volunteerism has supported our community’s volunteers, helped develop volunteer engagement professionals, and promote community-wide recognition and awareness of volunteers.  

LIV membership represents more than twenty-five non-profit organizations that serve our community, and the thousands of volunteers they support.  LIV strives to create a network, provide resources, and further the professional development of professional staff and volunteers that utilize volunteerism as a key strategy to further the mission of their organization.

Join LIV if you are a volunteer leaders, recruit volunteers, manage a volunteer program, or want to get volunteers more integrated in your organization. Leaders In Volunteerism will provide you with a network of volunteer management professionals that collaborate, share and mentor one another to support volunteerism in our community. Become a member today!

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Katie Splean