1977 – Leaders in Volunteerism became a reality with a Board of Directors, Officers, and eight various sub-committees.


1981 – Authorization to operate as a Non-Profit Organization was granted.


1992  - The LIV Scholarship Program was developed.

2015  - The transformation of the LIV Scholarship Program into a LIV Grant Program was started.

As a LIV Member, you are invited to the monthly meetings, receive monthly updates, discounts on LIV conferences, and have opportunities to network with other volunteer professionals.

Leaders in Volunteerism (LIV) defines our mission as strengthening the leadership skills of volunteer managers and increase community awareness of the importance of volunteerism.

Well-equipped leaders create and maintain successful volunteer programs. LIV Is committed to supporting and strengthening the leadership skills of its members through:

  • Opportunities to meet, work and network with colleagues from other agencies
  • Monthly programs to share tools to help manage a volunteer program effectively
  • Monthly newsletters to keep members informed
  • Reduced fees for LIV-sponsored workshops and conferences
  • Opportunities to explore development through member-driven committees and programming.

Meet the executive team, get connected to the membership base and other leaders in volunteerism.


Our history


Explore what tools are available to you through LIV membership. Browse meeting minutes, meeting times, volunteer resources, and information about our LIV Grant and conference.

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